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Fundación Ecología y Desarollo - ECODES

Fundación Ecología y Desarollo - ECODES's picture
ECODES - FUNDACIÓN ECOLOGÍA Y DESARROLLO - is a Spanish non-profit and independent organisation founded in 1992, which aim is to act in favor of sustainable development in economic, social and environmental dimensions. ECODES talks and collaborates with stakeholders in the implementation of actions that promote sustainable development and social change. Its work is based on a professional reflection that brings a critical and innovative vision. ECODES wants to be an influential organization with an impact, able to mobilise an increasing number of actors willing to catalyse change.
In the field of energy and climate, ECODES has worked through the initiative ‘CeroCO2’ to carry out technical studies on the climate impact of different activities of the society, analysed the climate policies of the largest Spanish and Portuguese companies through the Carbon Disclosured Project (CDP), as well as informing consumers about companies’ climate policies to foster the integration of this information in their purchasing criteria. ECODES is also the Spanish relay of the European ‘Coolproducts for a Cool Planet’ campaign focusing on Ecodesign and Energy Labelling of products. ECODES has been involved in dialoguing with the competent authorities, networking, communicating and disseminating for ambitious legislation in terms of energy efficiency of products and a robust implementation. In the field of Energy Poverty, ECODES lead the program “Ni Un Hogar Sin Energía” (Any Home Without Energy) aimed at improving energy Efficiency of households that are suffering energy poverty through training habits and measures on key aspects such as consumption of Energy and Energy Supplies Billing. ECODES is partner of the EU Observatory of Energy Poverty (EPOV)