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Ileana Toscano / Kallipolis

Ileana Toscano / Kallipolis's picture
My name is Ileana Toscano, I am an urban planner and president of Kallipolis, with sound experience in developing innovative urban projects, starting from the drafting to the implementation of a project's life cycle, through a social inclusive approach and promoting the involvement of relevant stakeholders and local communities, aiming at supporting the process of policy-making for urban sustainable development.

In my 13 years working experience I have had the opportunity to work in several international and national projects which tackled the problem of urban poverty and promoted urban instruments for energy efficiency and energy saving.
My strong interest for the inclusive urban planning and my experience in this sector led me in 2006 to co-establish Kallipolis, a non-profit organisation based in Trieste (Italy), dealing with sustainable urban development. The mission of the organisation is to improve the living conditions and the quality of life in urban contexts through the approach of social urbanism, inspired by the principles of the United Nations Habitat Agenda.

I am currently working for Kallipolis managing several activities, among others, as a project manager of the “ENERGY CARE” Interreg Italy – Slovenia project, aimed at tackling the problem of energy poverty and enhancing the sustainable mobility in three deprived urban areas of Trieste (IT), Koper (SLO) and San Donà di Piave (IT).

I am interested to become a member of Energy poverty Observatory in order to share practices and experiences applied in the field about the topic and to get in touch with other colleagues for new project opportunities within the EU funds framework.