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Policies & Measures

This section contains information about policies and measures addressing energy poverty.

An Energy Café is a local community initiative providing energy advice and advocacy in a welcoming setting - often with tea and cake! People who attend Energy Cafés will receive tailored advice, information and support on a range of issues, including: how to effectively engage in the energy...Read more

Energy suppliers are required to support the delivery of energy efficiency measures amongst low income and vulnerable households.Read more

Net metering is allowed for PV systems so that only the net electricity consumed from the grid needs to be paid. In addition, vulnerable households receive an extra financial aid to install a PV system of €900/kWp, with a maximum of €2700.Read more

This measure provides additional financial assistance to low-income households to cover their housing expenses, including energy and heating expenses, which are not sufficiently covered under the basic Housing Allowance measure.Read more