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Relevant Organisations

Building retrofit potential (ENERFUND)

Tags: Area-based targetingMunicipalities

This project is developing a tool that will rate and score deep renovation opportunities – like a credit score used by banks to rate clients. The tool will be based on a set of parameters such as EPC data, number of certified installers, governmental schemes running, etc. When used by municipalities, this can be used e.g. to prioritise the most energy inefficient buildings for retrofitting.

Energy Action

Tags: NGOs

Energy Action has as its mission statement to address the thermal needs of the elderly and needy, and to provide training and employment opportunities for long-term unemployed people that are creative, sustainable and ecologically sound. Two of its main objectives are to alleviate fuel poverty by provision of free insulation in the homes of the elderly and disadvantaged, and to increase the energy efficiency of the dwellings of the needy and fuel poor.