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A description of terms in Target socioeconomic group.

Chronically/severely diseased

Households with a person that has a chronic or severe illness.


Households with a person that has a disability. 

Households on social benefits

Households that receive certain kinds of social benefits, including unemployment benefits, child benefits, long-term illness benefits or disability benefits.

Households with children

Households that include one or more children.

Indebted households

Households that have arrears on their energy bills.

Low income households

Households that are below a certain income.

No specific target group

Signifies that the policy or measure is not targeted to a specific socio-economic group.


Households with persons that either (1) receive pension benefits (2) are above a certain older age (e.g. 60 years old).

Rural households

Households that live in rural areas.


Households with a person that is unemployed.

Vulnerable households

Households that fall under a ‘vulnerable’ category that is explicitly defined in regulation.